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Rav Shimon Schwab – Haliluka, The Duel Between Dovid & The Frog

The last pasuk in Sefer Tehilim is the fifth and final Haliluka in Pesukei D’zimra, “Kol Haneshama Tihallel Kah”, all the neshamos will praise Hashem.  Rav Shimon Schwab asks after writing all of Sefer Tehilim and reaching the grand finale, why does Dovid HaMelech choose to praise Hashem with the Shem “Kah”.  We know that the name Kah with the letter Yud and Hey implies that Hashem’s name is not complete.

He answers that when Dovid finished Tehilim the frog told him that his praise is not as great as the frog’s.  Why not?  A human always has a Yetzer Hara during his whole life on earth.  Even when doing mitzvos, man must contend with this evil enemy who manages to scar each and every mitzva.  A frog has no Yetzer Hara and his devotion to Hashem is complete.  Proof of this is that the frog readily makes himself available to his predator for dinner.  Why?  Because the frog is totally devoted to the will of Hashem without any self interest. 

Unlike a frog who has crystal clear vision of his creator, a human does not.  “Ki Lo Yirani HaAdam VaChai”, as long as man is alive he cannot fully comprehend Hashem because of this evil inclination that will not let go.

However this is the greatness of a human.  Although he struggles with the beast within him, yet he elevates himself and manages to serve Hashem, overcoming his human side.  The greatest praise man can say is “Kol Haneshama Tihallel “Kah”.  Even though we don’t fully recognize Hashem and his name is not complete in our mind, nevertheless we devote ourselves to his praise.

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