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Rav Hirsch: The Rosh Chodesh Psalm: 104

In Psalm 103 David voiced the call, “Bless God, my soul,” because of the debt that he owed God as a human soul, as a Jew, and in communion with all other creatures. It was essentially a Todah – Thanksgiving Offering – an acknowledgement of gratitude and tribute.

Psalm 104 repeats the call, but this time David is motivated by considerations quite apart from his personal relationship to God and the mercies that He has shown him in both past and present.

This time David calls upon his soul to “Bless God,” simply because of His greatness and glory, His goodness and wisdom, which are demonstrated in all His world that He has created and preserved in life.

Psalm 104 is primarily a Tehillah – a song in praise of the ways in which God reveals Himself by His mighty acts.

“God, my Lord, Whom I have already recognized as my own God,” (as stated in Psalm 103).

“You are very great.” We have already noted that God desires to reveal His greatness not be destructive tyranny, but by the creative, preserving care and goodness in which He trains and disciplines His children.

And this greatness of His is “ma’od,” it surpasses all other things, which to our minds might appear great and admirable.

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