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Morning Blessings: Rav Chazkal Sarna: Removing Sleep

“Who removes sleep from my eyes.” How does this connect with the concluding blessing, “Who bestows beneficent kindnesses upon His people, Israel?” This is based on the Mishna (Sanhedrin 71b):

“Wine and sleep are pleasurable for the wicked and for the world. However, for the righteous, they are bad for them and the world.”

When God removes sleep from their eyes it is a great kindness to the righteous as it allows them to focus on Torah, which then brings good to the world. When they are awake and energized they can fight their evil inclination and nurture their good inclination. This is why we associate removing sleep with kindness. (Rav Yechezkail Sarna, Daliyot Yechezkail)


When reciting this blessing pray that you can use all the hours that you are awake to be productive and bring more blessings and God’s kindnesses to the world.

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