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Rav Chaim Chernovitzer: Righteousness

How can a human being emulate God, Who is, “Righteous in all His ways?” (Psalms 145) When he builds a home he has a choice before him: Does he rejoice in being able to have a home for

his family, where he can be safe and warm? Or, does he look at his house and consider all the possibilities it offers to keep Mitzvot? The house will offer an opportunity for the Mitzvah of Mezuzah, Ma’akeh – making the house safe – providing a place for guests, a place to study Torah and pray.

One who looks at the house in terms of the Mitzvot opportunities is the person who emulates God as righteous in all his ways: He transforms all he does into acts of righteousness. (Be’eir Mayim Chaim – Ki Tisa)

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