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Rav Chaim Chernovitzer: Humility

Every blessing begins in second person, “You,” and immediately switches to third person, “The One Who Is.” This is to teach us two things: The first is the God is humble, and therefore

hides His greatness so that we cannot see Who and What He really is. When we speak of God in third person we are honoring His humility, that He hides His attributes so that we do not really see Him.

The second lesson is that God does not focus on Himself, but withdraws and hides. This is what He desires from us. When someone stands before God with a sense of “I,” meaning self, God says, “He and I cannot exist in the same place.” There is no room for an “I” in the place of “He,” meaning the One, Who hides Himself. (Sha’ar HaTefillah – Nippul)

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