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Amidah: Ramchal: Structure

Our sages also taught us a number of specific conditions that must the company prayer in order to make it complete. These all relate to the closeness to God that one experiences during prayer, as well as the various Influences that are transmitted through it. Taking all this into account, they ordained the various blessings of the prayer, as well as its laws and rituals.


In order to understand the significance of the Amidah we must first be aware of a number of fundamental concepts:

God’s influences in general are related to all creation through the four lettered ineffable Name. The highest Influences are divided into three major categories, and these include all types of Influence and their details. These three categories are alluded to by the first three letters of the ineffable Name. In order for all creation to be perfected, these three letters must be brought to gather, and their interconnection is alluded to by the final letter of the Name.

These three primary categories are also alluded to in the initial descriptions of God found in the Amidah, namely, “the Great, Mighty and Fearsome.”

The concept that properly transmits these three categories is the merit of the three patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This in turn is completed by the merit of King David, which brings them all together. King David is thus associated with the patriarchs to complete the rectification of Israel.

The first three blessings of the Amidah were ordained to parallel these three categories, and through these blessings the highest Sustenance is transmitted generally.

The 13 middle blessings then transmit the details of this sustenance as it is needed.

Finally, through the three final blessings, this Sustenance is strengthened and integrated in its recipients, through the thanks that are given for it. (Ramchal: The Way of God, Section 4, Chapter 5,  Paragraph 4 & Chapter 6 Paragraph 11)

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