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Amidah: Ramchal: An Elevated State

One of God’s acts of love was the opportunity that He gave man to approach Him, even in this world. Even though man is immersed in darkness and far from the Light in his natural physical state, he is still permitted to stand before God and call Him by Is Name.


Man is thus able to temporarily elevate himself from his lowly natural state to exist in a state of closeness to God, casting his burden upon In.

This is the reason for the strict rule prohibiting any interruption whatsoever during prayer. This is because of the very high degree of closeness to God that one places himself in at such a time.

This is also the reason why it was ordained to take leave at the end of the prayer, by taking three steps backwards Erie these steps represent man’s return to his natural state, where he must remain at all other times. (Ramchal: The Way of God 4:5:3)

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