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Shema: Ramak: A private “Borchu”

The 23rd of Tammuz is the Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, the Ramak: If one cannot pray with a congregation and hear Borchu and respond, he should recite the following from Sefer Heichalot: “Rabbi Akiva said: Each morning one Angel opens its mouth and chants, ‘God is King. God reigned. God will reign forever,’ until Israel reaches Borchu. When they reach Borchu, one Chaya, named Israel with ‘Israel’ engraved on its forehead, stands in the center of the firmament and says, ‘Borchu et Hashem haMevorach,’ to which all the Heavenly Hosts respond, ‘Baruch Hashem haMevorach l’olam va’ed.’” (Tefillah l’Moshe)


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