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Rabbi Noach Weinberg: Choice – Belts

The Belts of the Intellectual/Chooser

White Belt: Definitions – Am I being stubborn or strong-minded?

Orange Belt: Use the definitions. Fool the world, not yourself; “I can’t,” really means “I don’t want to.” (Definition)

The first two belts are those of a Lamdan/Thinker.

Red Belt: Talmid Chacham/Torah Scholar: means what he says, “Va’hasheivosa el l’vovecha.” His perceptions guide his emotions.

1st Degree Brown Belt: “Chacham einav B’rosho.” A chacham/intellectual leads with his mind, not his emotions.


Think before you act. What do you want to accomplish?

2nd Degree Brown Belt: Plan your day before you go to sleep.


Work your plan.

3rd Degree Brown Belt: Know what you are living for and then plan your day. (The 2nd degree comes first because you must first learn how to plan.)

Black Belt: Always live for what you are living for.


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