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Rabbi Noach Weinberg: Body and Soul

  1. Put distance between you, your soul, and your body.
  2. It is the body that hurts and suffers. The Soul is beyond such experiences.
  3. The body will go into the ground. You will be free and independent of the body.
  4. It is disgusting to identify with the body. It is a joy to identify with the Soul.
  5. The body is a microscopic piece of dust in the universe. The Soul is larger than the universe.
  6. The body is only interested in the nanosecond of the immediate. The Soul is eternal.
  7. The biggest mistake is to identify with the body. The greatest success comes from identifying with the Soul.
  8. Once you are familiar with the above 7 steps, you are ready to realize that you are directly connected to God.

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