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Rabbi Moshe David Vialli: Vayigash

The 7th of Tevet is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Moshe Dovid Walli (Vally; Vali) (1697-1777). The foremost talmid of Ramchal in Padua, Italy, he practiced as a physician in Padova. When the Ramchal was forced to leave Italy, Rav Moshe Dovid was appointed head of the his academy in Padova. Also known as the Rama”d Vali, he wrote a commentary on commentary on Chumash (Ohr Olam on Breishis; Bris Olam on Shemos; Avodas Hakodesh on Vayikra; Shivtei Kah on Bamidbar; Mishna Lamelech on Devarim), Na”Ch, Likkutim.

When Yehuda approached Yosef, it was the Sefira of Malchut approaching the Sefira of Yesod. These two Sefirot must meet in order for the Upper Sefirot to connect and fill Malchut, which will then combine them into a new reality, and then send this new reality, or influence, up towards the Highest Sefirot.

Yehuda/Malchut approached Yosef/Yesod ready to do battle, if necessary. However, if the meeting between Yesod and Malchut is confrontational, the Attribute of Din – Judgment – is stirred, and all that can be accomplished will have an aspect of Harsh Judgments. Therefore, Yehuda, while clearly indication his willingness to do battle for Binyamin, also spoke with respect, “Please, my master.” He wanted to connect with Yesod in peace and wholeness.

Yehuda understood that God had directed the brothers toward this confrontation with this human being who was feeding the world. He also understood that he and his brothers had failed in other confrontations with Shechem and with the sale of Yosef. Yehuda’s eternal life was on the line, for he had promised his portion in the World To Come as a guarantee to Yaakov for Benjamin’s life. Everything was on the line, and yet, he had the ability to deal with his immediate challenge.

He was therefore determined to handle this confrontation, towards which he had been guided by God, with great care, and perhaps repair the Dinim aroused by the manner in which he had dealt with earlier situations.

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