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Push or Pull

After my first stroke I had to learn how to walk again. First I had to learn how to go downstairs. Then I had to learn how to walk onto our porch. Then I had to go down the stairs to our sidewalk. Each one of those stages took at least a week.


At every one of those stages, with every step I took, Debbie was behind me pushing me motivating me telling me go go go!


I finally made it to the street. Again, Debbie was behind me pushing me to make it to the next house. That took a month.


 After three months I was able to make it all the way to the corner. Again Debbie was behind me each step of the way.


Eventually I was able to walk two blocks. Debbie was no longer behind me. Debbie walked in front of me, slowly, not too far, but walked ahead of me. I felt that she was pulling me forward. It was a totally different experience of being motivated to accomplish more.


It was a sense of believing in me, that I could do more, that I could push myself, that I was being pulled by what I saw of myself being able to do.


When they stood at Sinai was Debbie behind them pushing them to go to Sinai? …pushing them to climb? Was Debbie behind them pushing them to achieve? 


Or, was Debbie ahead of them pulling them, pointing to them and saying, “Climb with me! This is what you can accomplish!”

I know one thing; if we were to master the Journey of Halacha, there was a Debbie in front motivating us to climb.

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