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Purim: Rav Elisha Gallico:Binding

“And fast for me” (Esther, 4:16) “Tsumu”, as in “Tsomet HaGidin” (Chulin 76a), “the juncture of the sinews”, or the knot of the sinews.  The meaning is “attach yourselves together

with me in prayer”. For, if the intent in “fast for me” were just the fast itself, then why would Esther add: “and do not eat and do not drink”?  When “I and my my maiden will also fast”, we will be bound together in our intention and in our prayer. (Peirush HaRav Elisha Gallico, Esther)

Esther does not simply want the Jews to fast in order to awaken Divine Mercy. Her goal is to unify a people referred to as “scattered and dispersed”, and to empower a nation who has been made to feel hopeless. Her message is clear: attach yourselves to each other and to me- and the “knot of sinews” we will form- our voices joining as one, our hearts pulsating to the same beat, our minds focused on a single goal, will create a bond so strong that it will reunify us as a whole while bolstering each and every one of us with a renewed sense of purpose.

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