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Amidah-Purim-In The Hands of Heaven-Praying for Others to Repent

Someone once asked Rabbi Pinchas of Koretz, “How can we pray for another person to repent? Are we not taught that “All is in the hand of Heaven except for the fear of Heaven (Berachot 33b) [A fundamental part of the Purim lesson]?”



He replied that God included all souls, and whatever is in the entirety is also in each portion. Each soul therefore also includes all other souls (Likkutei Torah HaAri, Kedoshim). When a person repents, himself, he can therefore cause his neighbor to repent. This is because he is included in his neighbor, and his neighbor is included in him. (Midrash Pinchas 21)

When we repent in the blessing of Teshuvah, we are empowered to effectively pray for others to repent as well.

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