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Purifying The Oil IX

“You raised my pride as reimim [exceptionally powerful, horned beasts] I was saturated with ever fresh oil.” (Psalms 92:11) “The victory of the good man who has no defender, and his survival beyond all else through the moral and spiritual buoyancy within him, are demonstrations of extraordinary Divine Providence. Every time an enemy of God’s kingdom goes down to ruin, the principle cherished by Israel through history, that its is man’s duty to consecrate his life in subordination to God, comes one step nearer to universal recognition and supremacy.” (Rabbi Samson R Hirsch – Commentary to Psalms)

The Chanukah miracle of the oil was a sign that the Chashmonaim’s battle to live as Jews was a manifestation of our commitment to consecrate our lives to God. The small supply of oil that burned for eight days was a sign that a small group of people could bring light to all of creation.

We can prepare for Chanukah by remembering that we live as Jews to serve as a “Light to the nations,” of Divine Providence. We observe the commandments, not as obligations, but as a way to share a our vision with the world. The way we act and speak, the manner of our observance, are all part of shining the message of the oil.

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