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Psalms of Moshe: Chozeh Tzion: 90:2

The 1st of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Emanuel Chai (ben Avraham) Riki [or Reiki] (1688-1743). Kabbalist; author of Mishnas Chassidim. He received semicha from Rav Chaim Abulafia in Tzefas. He is buried in Zento, Italy. He also wrote a commentary on Tehillim entitled Chozeh Tzion, and Yosher Leivav.


“Before the mountains were born and You had not yet fashioned the earth and the inhabited land, and from the remotest past and to the most distant future, You are God (Psalms 90:2).” “Before the mountains were born,” refers to the Patriarchs who are referred to as “mountains,” as taught by the sages on the verse, “Leaps over the mountains (Song of Songs 2).” Before the patriarchs were born no one recognized Your Lordship in the world. It was Abraham the first of the patriarchs who recognized God as Lord and called out God’s Presence beforer all the people of the world.

It was not only before the patriarchs were born, but even before, “You had not yet fashioned the earth and the inhabited land.” You always were God the Lord even before the world was created. When we acknowledge that, “You have been an abode for us in all generations,” we can attach to You even before time itself. (Chozeh Tzion)

Moshe is teaching us that we can use our Torah study and Service of God to become timeless, and attach to God beyond the limits of time.

We can use this verse before studying Torah, prayer or any Mitzvah.

We should also keep this in mind when singing the Pesukei D’zimrah of Shabbat.

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