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Psalms of Moshe: 97:11: Rav Matisyahu Solomon – Matnat Chaim

“Light is sown for the righteous, and for the upright of heart, gladness.” The “Light,” refers to the light we create with our Mitzvot. Even in those moments when our hearts are stirred to Teshuva and we achieve the status of, “Righteous,” that light is planted and hidden from us. If we hold on to those moments and reach even higher in our Service of God to God because of the Teshuva stirrings, the light will burst forth and we will merit, “And for the upright of heart, gladness,” and we will be able to serve God as we should, in joy and happiness. (Rav Matisyahu Solomon – Matnat Chaim)



Kabbalat Shabbat: We use the stirrings of Shabbat to pray for our “seeds of light,” to burst forth so that we can achieve serving God with happiness.

Use this verse whenever you have a powerful moment when your soul is stirred to reach higher to God.

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