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A Psalm of Thanks-Chanukah

Until the moment that Eve ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, absolutely each and every detail of creation was a pure expression of God’s Will. Everything reflected a part of God’s Light to the world. Only God’s Will existed and ruled.

Once Eve, and then Adam, ate of the Tree of Knowledge, the inserted their will into creation. They chose their will above God’s. Creation was no longer a pure expression of the Divine Will. Humanity was, and continues to, focus on their will even when it contradicts the Divine.

The Mitzvot are all, in the words of the Zohar, “Path of Faith” that help us repair the damage caused when we rejected the pure expression of Divine Will.

“Rabbi Pinchas, Rabbi Levi, and Rabbi Yochanan in the name of Rabbi Menachem of the Galil, taught that in the future, after the arrival and fixing of the Messiah, all Offerings will end, except the Korban Todah – the Thank You Offering.” (Tanchuma, Emor 14)

The offerings are intended to help us repair and purify souls that distance themselves from their Source – the Creator. Once we experience the complete repair of creation with the Messiah, only the Divine Will will be expressed and there will be no need for the offerings.

The Korban Todah is a pure expression of acknowledgment of God and His Will. It is the only offering that will continue.

When we recite this Psalm at the beginning of Pesukei D’Zimrah we are attaching to a state of existence in which we connect with the Divine Will and do not allow our limited desires to interfere. As we sing the songs of creation we want everything to sing the Creator’s praises as they did before Adam and Eve’s sin.

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