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Psalm of Esther: 22:1: Chidah: Victory

“For the conductor, on the Ayelet ha-Shachar.” “Lamnatze-ach,” also means, “To the victory,” of Esther and Mordechai over Haman, that led to a new covenant with Torah, which is “Emet,” truth, 441 in Gematria, as is “Ayelet.


The “Ayelet” also refers to the Oral Law, which is the most powerful expression of the Shechina, also called “Ayelet.”

Esther and Mordechai did not celebrate the victory as their own, but as an opportunity to conquer more of this world, with the light of the Oral Law. Each time we apply the Oral Law and allow Her light to be expressed in the world, we win a great victory.

We often feel that we constantly lose in our battle with our Yetzer Harah; when we sing this Psalm of Esther, we should celebrate our victories, and pray that we are as victorious as Esther and Mordechai.

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