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Psalm 27- Soul Works: Infinite Possibilities

“Had I not trusted that I would see the best of God in the land of life.” (Psalm 27:13)
David desired to see “Tuv” Hashem – the best of God. He wanted to see everything. He desired the perspective of Binah – to see how everything in the world and history fits together and expresses the Unity of God. Moshe also wanted to see: “He (Moshe) said, ‘Show me Your glory!’ He (God) said, ‘I shall make all My goodness – “Tuvi” – pass before you. You will not be able to see My face, for no human can see My face and live.’” (Exodus 33:18-20) David asked to see all and yet continue to live in ‘the land of life”. He wanted to see all that Moshe had seen, and more, and still live. In fact, he trusted that he would be able to see and live. (Sha’ar Hapesukim)

It is difficult to imagine that David not only desired, but trusted that he would see more than had Moshe and still live. We recite this verse twice each day as part of this Psalm of Desire for God.

Perhaps, King David is teaching us that our vision of life’s potential must be infinite. We must approach Rosh Hashana with a sense that everything is possible for us, for there is no other way to approach the Throne of the Creator.

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