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Pesukei D’Zimrah: Psalm 150: Unification

“Kol haNeshama Tehallel Kah”, “All the soul will praise God”. All five levels of the soul will praise God. And then, the praise itself which becomes the soul’s garment, the soul that is

praising, and The Holy One, Blessed Is He, Who is being praised, all become one. And every one of the five parts of the soul combines with those three aspects: the praise, the praiser, and the Praised. This, altogether results in the number fifteen, which is the numeric value of “Kah”. (Ramah of Fano)

This Psalm is the culmination of the “Hallelukahs”; “Kol haNeshama Tehallel Kah” are its final words. At this stage, we feel enveloped in the praise with our whole being.

The momentum of the Songs of Praise has carried us from the point where we felt separate from the prayers and from the One we are singing them to, to the point where we are all intertwined.

And, when all the different parts of our soul are aligned, when every fiber of our being is an expression of His praise, when we allow ourselves to be lifted by the crescendo and we become a part of the music itself, we can get a glimpse of what it is like to be unified with our Creator.

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