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Mishlei Prayer Tools: The Righteous II

“When the righteous exult, there is much splendor, but when the wicked rise, victims are sought (Proverbs 28:12).” This is an excellent verse to keep in mind before praying the 12th and the 13th blessings of the Amidah: “Against Heretics,” and “The Righteous.”


We can bear in mind that the price of the wicked rising will be that “victims are sought.” We pray, “Against Heretics,” to protect us from becoming victims. We seek a world of, “splendor.” A world of beauty and light. We therefore pray for a world in which, “The righteous will exult.” We pray for a world in which righteous people can rejoice in their righteousness. A world in which people will not suffer for striving for righteousness and good. A world that celebrates and honors righteousness.

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