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Prayer Skills-Vaeira-The Name of Divine Providence

“The Lord spoke to Moses and said to him, ‘I am God’ (Exodus 6:2).” God, Who makes all happen through Divine Providence. He is not as a flesh and blood being who builds a house, and controls the house only until it is built, but once the house is complete it does not need its builder to continue to exist. However, nature, which was created through the attribute, “Lord,” continues to exist only through the attribute of, “God,” that gives continued existence to all things.


With this, God is responding to Moses who thought that Pharaoh’s response to their initial meeting was without Divine Providence, but by nature alone. Therefore, God responds to Moses that He is in absolute control even of nature through Divine Providence. (Haamak Davar)

We are obligated to have Kavanah each time we say God’s Name. We should include in our Kavanah this idea of “God,” as being an expression of total Divine Providence through the Name that gives continued existence to everything.


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