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Plaque Free

There are some many memorial plaques on the walls of one of the dormitories in the Yeshiva that everyone refers to that wing as “The Morgue”. I understand; “Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!”

I shouldn’t complain. You can find 2,000 year old engravings on the steps leading up to the southern wall of the Temple Mount; “This was dedicated by the Jews of Rome a very long time ago.”

Who would not want a plaque in the Third Temple? The Messiah will be able to raise billions by allowing corporate sponsorship of the Microsoft Altar and the General Electric Menorah.

When you walk in the Arab Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem you will find what were originally synagogues with engraved dedications to families that paid for the privilege of paying for one section or another of the synagogue.

I have to admit that even the thought of The Weinberg Holy of Holies sends chills up and down my spine; not chills of joy, but dread. “Please, please, may it be Your will that the Temple will be plaque free!”

I can already hear some of you chuckling at my expense; “Let’s see you be responsible for fundraising! You’ll pray for the money, but you won’t have any place to pray!”

Interestingly enough, Moshe’s fundraising campaign began Weinberg style. No plaques. In fact, Moshe taught that whenever a community collects money for a holy purpose they should protect the purity of the project by inspiring the people to do it for God.

Practical? Perhaps not. But at the very least something valuable for us to keep in mind when participating in a project.

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