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Pip Makes A Decision!

Pip's Choice

Pip's Choice

Today is a great day in our family: Pip made a decision.

We realized about three years ago that Pip freezes into inaction when confronted with a choice. We threw two balls at one time, and rather than choose which ball to chase, he stood still. He couldn’t decide.

We are committed to his development and have been attempting to teach him how to choose. So, today, Debbie placed two cookies in front of him and told him to choose. He ran between the two cookies, one red and one yellow, but could not make the decision. My wife was convinced that he was ready to choose, so she uncovered his eyes, put his hair in a fru fru and tried again. He chose! Pip made a decision. Debbie was right; he just needed to see.

No wonder the verse describes the process of Revelation as “the entire nation saw the sounds.” The people needed to see that God was offering them a choice. Their slave mentality limited their ability to choose. They processed everything in terms of whether they were being commanded to do something. Such people are not ready to become choosers. They first had to see what God was offering, and then learn that they had a choice.

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