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Pinchas: Safra D’Tzniuta D’Yaakov

The 9th of Tammuz is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Yaakov Tamerlesh, author of Safra Detzeniusa (1678) Pinchas, used the Attribute of Gevurah/Din, judgment, when he executed Kozbi and Zimri. However, he was also, “Son of Elazar,” a continuation of Chesed/Life Force, just as Yitzchak, the Attribute of Din, came forth from the Chesed of Avraham. His Strength was rooted in his Chesed. He was thus able to restore peace between Chesed and Din, and between God and Israel.


“Son of Aharon haKohen,” as we are taught that the souls of Nadav and Avihu, the two sons of Aharon who died, attached themselves to Pinchas, and he gave them life, and by so doing, he turned back God’s anger from Nadav and Avihu, who died childless.

We must look to the fire of Nadav and Avihu to find the source of Pinchas’ fiery passion and determination.

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