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Pinchas: Beit Aharon

The 10th of Tammuz is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Mordecai (ben Yechiel Michel) of Kremnitz (1813). One of the five sons of the Magid of Zlotchov. One of his four brothers was Rav Moshe of Zvhil, the first Zvhiller Rebbe. Rav Mordechai was also the father-in-law of Rav Aharon II of Karlin (the Beis Aharon).


“A fire-offering for a satisfying aroma to God (Numbers 28:8).” Rashi explains, “It creates pleasure for Me that I spoke and My will was performed.” Even when it is not possible to physically offer, but only, “sh’Amarti,” that which I spoke; you speak my words, My will has been performed. If the words are spoken with fiery passion, “a fire-offering,” I have Nachas from your words. (Rav Aharon of Karlin; Beit Aharon)

“You shall place some of your majesty upon him, so that the entire asembly of Israel will pay heed (Numbers 27:20).” Rashi comments, “The face of Moshe was like the sun, and that of Joshua like the moon.” This teaches us that the leaders of every generation can turn to and as the moon receive the light of Moshe, so that their faces can illuminate the world with Moshe’s light. (Beit Aharon)

The 10th is also the Yahrtzeit of Rav Eliezer (ben Tzvi HaLevi) Horowitz of Neustadt (1843) grandson of the Chozeh of Lublin

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