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Pesukei D’Zimrah: Yishtabach

The concluding blessing of Pesukei d’Zimrah begins, “May Your Name be praised forever.” The Sages based this phrase on the verse, “Deliver us, God, our Lord; and gather us from the nations, to give thanks to Your Holy Name, to be extolled in Your praise (Psalms 106:47).”


The Tiferet Shlomo (Pesach) explains that all our prayers and requests that God take us out of the exile are not solely for our benefit, but fundamentally to achieve, “to be extolled in Your praise.”

As we conclude Pesukei d’Zimrah we declare that all the praises we have sung have been to motivate us to ascend to a spiritual level at which we can experience expressing God’s praises through our being.

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