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Pesukei D’zimrah: Tools 2

Pesukei D’Zimrah:


Expressions of Love


When we recite Pesukei D’Zimrah (literally, “Verses of Song”), which chiefly consists of psalms, poems, and hymns praising God, we get the sense that we are not alone, that we belong to world symphony of praise to God.


If we really understand that God nurtures life, we understand what God wants from us. We understand how we are supposed to be living our lives—by nurturing ourselves, by growing, by leading a meaningful existence.


We may not be able to appreciate the contribution we are making with our seemingly insignificant individual parts, but God, the Conductor, appreciates every little detail.


These are the important tools derived from the Pesukei D’Zimrah. They were designed to help us create a happy and productive day for ourselves. Many are so obvious that we tend to take them for granted and forget that they are necessary to practice with consciousness:


Please remember to practice only one set pf tools at a time. You can find how these tools are derived from the prayers in the Commentary.



Tool Box #2


Imagine creation as a symphony singing to God.


Growing is an expression of love of God. God wants us to grow.


I have a role to play in Creation.

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