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Pesukei D’Zimrah-Terumah-God’s Rejoicing

It is written, “These are the histories of the heaven and the earth when they were created – be-HiBaRaM (Genesis 2:4).” Our sages comment, “Do not read ‘ when they were created – be-HiBaRaM – but, ‘ for Abraham – be-ABRaHaM -the world was created for the sake of Abraham (Bereishit Rabbah 12:7).” The universe was only created because God knew that a righteous man would arise, would publicize the odds existence to the world, declaring that He is the Authority in His universe, the one absolute Unity, doing great wonders by Himself; that He is the Creator of all, and that besides Him there is no good. Out of this individual would, Isaac, Jacob, the tribes, and the Children of Israel.


God would bring about great miracles for the sake of Israel, and as a result, His existence would become known in the world. He would then give them the Torah, and His being would be revealed to all Israel on Mount Sinai. It is thus written, “Face to face, God spoke to you (Deuteronomy 5:4).” All creation trembled before God at that time.

Israel would then build the Tabernacle in the desert and the Sanctuary in Jerusalem. This would cause God to rejoice in His universe. It is thus written, “The day of His wedding, the day His heart rejoiced (Song of Songs 3:11).” Our sages interpret this saying: “the day of His wedding,” is the giving of the Torah, and, “the day His heart rejoiced,” is the building of the Holy Temple (Taanit 26b). [Kedushat Levi, Lech Lecha]

“May the glory of God endure forever, let God rejoice in His works (Psalms 104:31).”

God rejoices when we successfully build synagogues and places of Torah study which reflect the teachings of Abraham; the purpose of Creation. When we recite this verse we are praying that our efforts to create an environment of holiness will so powerfully reflect Abraham that God will rejoice in our efforts as He did with the building of the Holy Temple.

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