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Pesukei d’Zimrah: Rav Schwab: Hodu: “Seek His Presence”

The 14th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Shimon (ben Yehuda) Schwab (1908-1995). “Seek His Presence always.” The term, “Seek His Presence,” means to look at someone’s face and see what he needs. (In German, there is an expression: “Einen ein wunsch aus den augen ablessen,” meaning, “To read a person’s wish from his eyes.”) If one is eager to please another, he can just look at his face and see what he needs. If his friend looks hungry, or tired, or sad, he will offer him some food or shelter, or perhaps cheer him up. So the meaning here is, “Constantly seek ways to please God.” (Rav Schwab on Prayer, Artscroll)


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