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Morning Blessings-Pesach-Marror-From Bitter To Sweet

In the second part of the first blessing of the Torah, we say: “Sweeten, please, God our Lord, the words of Your Torah, in our mouth and in the mouths of your people the House of

Israel… Blessed are You God, Who teaches Torah to His people Israel.”

If someone has a bitter taste in his mouth, no matter how sweet the delicacy he is about to savor, it is going to be tainted by the existing acerbity.

How do we make sure that the vessel that will hold the words of Torah doesn’t taint their sweetness?

For our mouthes to contain the words of Torah without compromising their taste, we need to be careful with our speech. Sometimes, we also experience a lingering sense of bitterness resulting from past failures and feelings of frustration, as when our prayers or our learning did not go the way we expected them to. As we begin a new day, it is time to let go of our grievances; they will only serve to hinder our enjoyment of new opportunities to pray and learn.

But, what if we get to this point in our Morning Blessings, and we feel that our mouthes are not completely free of bitterness? We say: “Sweeten.. the words of Your Torah in our mouth”.

We ask God to take His words, and, while they are in our mouthes, to sweeten them. This is what it means to experience God “Who teaches His people Israel”. Despite our imperfections, God will transform bitterness into sweetness- as long as we let Him teach us.

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