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Parah-Noam Elimelech-The Real Chok

The 21st of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of the Noam Elimelech: “Let the mother cow bring atonement for the sins of her child, the Golden Calf (Rashi).” Rashi is not telling us that we understand the reason for this statute, but he is telling us that the Chok, that which we do not understand, is not the law of the Parah, but the sin of the Golden Calf! The Children of Israel were far above such a sin, and it happened only to instruct future generations in repentance. (Noam Elimelech)


iGrow-Spiritual Tools: “Giving the Benefit of the Doubt,” “Guarding the Sanctity of Speech”: When you find yourself thinking, or, God forbid, saying, “How can someone like that do such a thing?”, tell yourself that it is a Chok – something beyond our understanding that will ultimately serve a constructive purpose.

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