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Parah-Dinov-Attaching to Moshe

The 19th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Dovid (ben Tzvi Elimelech) of Dinov (1804-1874). Rav Dovid was the author of Tzemach Dovid and Divrei Dovid, and the son of the Bnei Yissoschar. He succeeded his father as Rebbe in Dinov following the latter’s petira in 1841.


“This is the decree of the Torah, which God has commanded, saying, ‘ Speak to the Children of Israel, and they shall take to you a completely red cow’ (Numbers 19:2).” Since the secrets of the Red Cow are revealed only to you, therefore, “they shall take to you,” meaning, they should attach to you and trust in what you know and understand. (Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech of Dinov; Iggra d’Kallah)

Machberes Avodas Hashem: I’ve used this approach, of attaching myself to the wisdom of the teacher, when studying with my father zt”l, and, ybcl”c, my Rebbi shlit”a; I understand that they have access to wisdom far beyond mine, and attach to that wisdom so that I may tast of that higher wisdom.

I also use this approach on Shabbat Morning when reciting the Psalms of Moshe in Pesukei d’Zimrah, especially Psalm 90: “A Prayer by Moses, Man of the Lord,” and in the Amidah, when we say, “Moses rejoiced”; I ask for the merit to attach to Moshe’s wisdom.

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