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Parah 2:Holy Bodies

The level of impurity of a corpse is directly related to the level of sanctity the person achieved while alive. When the body contained a soul it was able to accomplish great things. It was filled with potential. Now, the body has lost its battery, its charge, its ability to continue to grow. What was once a container of infinite potential has lost its Divine Spark.

Impurity is always a reflection of loss. What does that teach us about our prayers and actions in fulfilling God’s commandments? The prayer, the blessing, the learning and the Mitzvah are all filled with Infinite potential to attach to God at the highest levels. What happens when the action is an empty container? What happens when our words of prayer are empty of meaning, awareness and passion?

The simple understanding and appreciation of the ability of our words and actions to raise us to the greatest heights transforms our vessels and fills them with meaning. (Machberes Avodas Hashem)

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