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An Open Door How odd!
They were slaves less than two months ago. The first law that is presented in this portion is about a slave. The Torah describes a slave who does not want to leave his master. His life as a slave is better than his life as a free man.

In how many hearts did this scenario resonate? How many of the people understood exactly what that slave described in the verse felt? Did they not often say that they missed Egypt? Was there a small seed of hesitation in each and every one of the Children of Israel? Perhaps we would be better off…

The master brings his devoted slave to the Beit Din – the court- and the slave’s ear is placed against the doorway and pierced. Why the ear? Rashi explains, The same ear that heard at Sinai that we are servants of God and no one else has stopped listening to that message.

But why the door? Because the door of opportunity was opened to him and he refused it. He is stuck.

The Torah is sharing with us its definition of slavery:
“One who is frightened of new opportunities”

The Torah is speaking directly to those Jews who still harbored doubts; it’s OK. You had doubts but you still stepped out of Egypt DESPITE those doubts. You are a truly free person.
And, there’s more…

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