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Shema-Only Truth Will Be Heard

The 8th of Nisan is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Mordechai of Neshchiz: Two men came with a financial dispute to Rabbi Leib Koveler. The Rabbi said to them, “My father, the Rabbi of Neshchiz, taught me from my childhood that God is called Truth and the Torah is Truth. If a man tells the truth, he is associated with God and His Torah, but if he lies, he has no association either with God or His Torah. This lesson, repeated for so many years every day, has worked so deeply upon me, that I am unable even to hear a lie. Now, if you will tell me truth, I will hear you; otherwise, your words will fall on deaf ears. (Derech Tzaddikim, page 43)


We conclude the Shema with the opening word of the following blessing; Emet-Truth, to remind ourselves that God, Who is True listens for words spoken in truth.

Spiritual Tools: When we feel that we are not being heard by others, it is worthwhile to focus our efforts on speaking truth, which leads to being heard.

Haggadah: v’Hee sh’amdah: God’s promise has always been kept, emphasizing His truth, so that we can better hear His messages and Torah.

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