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Ohr Tzaddikim: Vayikra & Shabbat Prayers

The 2nd of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Meir Paprish, the Ohr Tzadikim (1624-1662). At the young age of 13, Reb Meir began learning Kabbalah as a student of  Rav Yaakov Tzemach who studied under Rav Shmuel Vital, the son of Rav Chaim Vital.


There is nothing that is not addressed by the Torah: When a man complains that his wife constantly nags and criticizes him, I recall the verse, “If a person will sin; If he accepted a demand for an oath – kol alah (Vayikra 5:1),” kol alah can also mean a voice that constantly curses him, as this man. Why does it happen? Only, “If a person will sin!”

“The Kohen shall provide him atonement for the sin that he committed regarding any of these, and it will be forgiven him.” (5:13) I heard in the name of a Tzaddik, whose name I do not know, that, ‘l’ashmah bah,” – the sin he committed – are the letters that spell out: “la-El asher shavat mikol ha-ma’asim Bayom Ha’shvii” – “To the Powwer Who rested from all works, Who on the Seventh Day…”  A person with perception will understand!

(Ohr Tzaddikim; Vayikra)

Hint: God’s resting was an act of Creation, an expression of Teshuva becoming part of His creation.

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