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A Gift From Beyond

Offered by Hili, I Always Want, Mor:

The sukkah is the mind space, the lulav directs the energy to each section, the etrog is the light, the energy as we move the lulav we are directing the energy toward each section of our mindspace which is responsible for different things. As we direct the energy we can activate the potential of each sefira and repair it.

I understand now that we are acting out physically what is happening spiritually and I am blown away.

We enter the sukkah every shabbat where we can repair the damaged sefirot. The structure of the sukkah is light it is meant to be a simple structure so that it does not limit us on how deep, far, high we can go from within the structure. It is a structure that can contain beyond what we can imagine and help us to unlock our dreams.

When I learned Vayeitzeh this Shabbat I read the word Sulam but I saw the sefirot structure as the ladder. I understood God’s message to Yacov as I am going to help you access your dreams. Yacov’s response is one of Malchut where he wants the details ( clothes, food) to be met. That is the angels going up and down drawing the energy from above to actualize below.

Yacov was able to connect to his dreams again once he finally left Lavans house. When he realized where he was he began to connect and access who he is and what he could accomplish.


Offered by Nathan, Bush That Appears Burning, Kruman

1. Yaakov’s ‘failure’ with Dina = עצבות that led to עצלות (as in שערי קדושה)?

2. Perhaps Hashem’s guidance, “קום עלה” was a response to Yaakov, who needed to know that he—Yaakov—needed to do this, not Hashem… Yaakov seems to have put the onus on Hashem earlier when he said: “YOU said ‘היטב איטיב עמך.’”

Which echoes Kayin

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