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Not Even Listening

I'm Mot Listening!

I'm Mot Listening!

It seems that this is a night for arguments. My wife and I had to go to the hospital and I wanted to go out and warm the car for her. She wanted to go out and warm the car for me. We left and froze together.

It took about ten minutes for the car to warm up and when it did, I turned the heating on in the vents, which is what Debbie prefers. Debbie immediately switched it to the floor heater, my preference. I turned it back. I tried the Rebbi authority but it didn’t work. She insisted that her wifely concerns are paramount.

I can live with those kinds of arguments.

The doctor called my mobile and asked me to come into the special area. The guard wouldn’t let me through. I told him that the doctor called me, but he was so upset by the people demanding to be allowed in that he refused to listen to me. I went in anyway. He freaked. He wants me arrested. This type of argument is unbearable. Don’t you just hate it when the other person simply refuses to even hear you?

The man refuses to even hear what I have to say. I can understand how Moshe felt when Pharaoh simply refused to hear him. Anyone have a staff that can turn into a snake I can borrow?

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