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Spiritual Tools: Nodah Ba’She’arim: Changed By Halacha

The 14th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Dov Beirish (ben Moshe) Ashkenazi, Rav of Slonim, and author of Noda BaShe’arim. “The Academy of Elijah taught: He who studies – ha-shoneh – Torah laws every day, has the assurance that he will be in the World to Come, as it is said, ‘The ways of Torah are His (Habakuk 3:6,” do not read halichot, ‘ways,’ but Halachot, ‘laws’ (Megillah 28b)”


The emphasis is on the word shoneh, which not only means to study, but also to change; the person who studies Halacha, must be changed by his learning, in order to merit a portion in the World to Come.

He must immediately find a way to put his learning into practice, and change at least, one behavior.

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