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Nissan-Fighting the Fire of Anger II-Ropshitz

The Rophshitzer told the following story: A wealthy Jew from Vilna purchased an Etrog for a thousand zloties. When he had finished reciting the blessing over it, a man near by asked the loan of it so that he might also pronounce the blessing. The owner complied with the request. The borrower unfortunately dropped the Etrog to the ground and it was damaged. The wealthy man began to think of the large sum he had spent in the hope of pleasing God by this evidence of his adherence to the Divine command. He reminded himself, however, that should he feel anger against the borrower for dropping the Etrog, this would be displeasing to God. He therefore took back the spoiled Etrog without a word of reproach and in complete calmness of spirit. (Ohel Naftali, page 38)


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