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Nisan-Vayikra-Perfecting Our Speech II-Ba’alei Tosafot

The 29th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rabbeinu Yitzchak of Speyer. Grandson of the Riva, he was murdered with numerous other Jews because of a blood libel. “If a person will sin: If he accepted a demand for an oath, and he is a witness, either he saw, or, he knew; if he does not testify, he shall bear his iniquity (Vayikra 5:1).” Come and see that in the description of the other sins in this week’s portion, the Torah adds the word, “Sh’gagah,” mistake, except for here, to teach us the great punishment for a false oath; even a mistake is as serious as an intentional sin! This is what King Solomon taught, “It is better not to make a vow than to make one and not fulfill it. Do not let your mouth lead you into sin. And do not protest to the temple messenger, “My vow was a mistake.” Why should God be angry at what you say and destroy the work of your hands? Much dreaming and many words are meaningless. Therefore fear God (Ecclesiastes 5:5-7).” [Ba’alei Tosafot]


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