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Nisan-Perfecting Our Speech XVII-The Alexanderer

“Thus shall you say to the House of Jacob, and tell to the Children of Israel (Exodus 19:3).” Rashi comments that the words, “to the House of Jacob,” namely, to the women, speak gently; but to the “Children of Israel,” speak stern words.


If it be asked, but did not God speak the same words to the women as to the men? The answer can be given that God told them that they are a holy people, sons and daughters of holy Patriarchs. The wind in felt themselves complemented to be dressed in this way, but the men interpreted these words as a rebuke. “What sort of people are we?” They inquired. “Can we compare in piety with the patriarchs?” (Esser Zachuyot, page 88)

Haggadah: Do we hear the words of the Haggadah as did the women or the men?

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