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Nisan-Perfecting Our Speech XIII-Breslav

Great is the power of the spoken word! We find in the Talmud that when a man is worried because of an evil dream, he should narrate it to three persons, who should tell him: “you have dreamed a good dream.” Thus, a word can change the dream from evil to good.


In the same way a man’s words of prayer are able to transform an evil man into a good man.

Another power resident in the spoken word is in its ability to impress a matter on one’s memory. A man remembers something if he speaks of it several times. Therefore we should read aloud many ethical books and speak were the words to our own heart. In this way the moral instruction will be impressed upon his mind. (Hishtapchut haNefesh 44a)

Haggadah: Recite the Haggadah with the intention that your words should make an impression on your heart.

iPray-iAttach-Amidah: “My Master, open my lips so that my mouth may speak Your praises,” in a way that the words will make an impression on my heart.

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