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Nisan-Fighting the Fire of Anger VII

The Holy Sassover taught: “If your neighbor offends you, refrain from wrath, and it will be more pleasing in the sight of God than a thousand fast days; listen to insults without retort, and it will stand you in the place of a thousand self inflictions. (Gemeinder der Chassidim, page 69)


iPray-iAttach-Amidah-Closing Meditation: “To those who curse me, let my soul be silent; and let my soul be like dust to everyone. Open my heart to Your Torah, then my soul will pursue Your commandments. As for all those who oppose and who design evil against me, speedily nullifies their counsel and disrupt their design. May it be Your will, God, my Lord and the Lord of my ancestors, that human jealousy may not rise up against me, nor my jealousy upon others; may I not become angry today, and may I not anger You.” The best way for our hearts to be opened to God’s Torah, and our souls to pursue His commandments, is for us to refrain from anger even in response to insults.

Haggadah: Those who maintained an awareness that they were suffering in Egypt as part of the Divine decree; “He went down to Egypt,” compelled by Divine decree, were able to remain silent even in response to the horrible insults from their they received Egyptian masters. This prepared them to receive the Torah so soon after their redemption, and to pursue God’s commandments.

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