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Amidah-Nine Days-Ritzei-V’techezena Eineinu

It is one thing to ask God to allow us to witness His return to Zion with our own eyes in the future, when it will actually happen. It is quite another thing to request that God give us a vision of the

Redemption now, while we are still constrained by the chains of exile.

“V’Techezena”, I want to have a “Chazon” experience. Please help my inner eyes envision Your Glory filling Jerusalem right now. Please help me rejoice not just in the belief that it will ultimately happen, but let me be exhilarated in the expectation, in the waiting itself.

Maybe, the “B’Rachamim” doesn’t simply indicate that when God will eventually restore His Presence to Zion, He will do so with compassion. The greatest expression of God’s Rachamim is that He allows us to dream this vision in our present state; this alone should fill us with tremendous joy.

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