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Netilat Yadaim: Introduction

Netilat Yadaim


Washing the Hands


Honoring Our Efforts


We acknowledge God as the Source of all Blessing and express our desire to expand His Presence in the world. The most wonderful of God’s blessings is “Bechira,” Free Choice, which means that everything we do matters. Our important choices are not between chocolate and vanilla, chicken or meat. Free Choice is about actions that express our convictions. The paramount choice is to live a life of meaning. We believe that a life without meaning is tantamount to death.


Sleep is considered a taste of death because our minds/choices are not actively functioning. We begin the morning by washing our hands with water, the source of life. We honor everything we will do during the day by acknowledging our efforts as life force.


We see all of creation as the Sanctuary of God and all we do as His service. We sanctify our hands just as did those who served in the Beit Hamikdash, the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.


Tool Box


Treat your service of God as if you were serving in His sanctuary.


Acknowledge God as the Source of all blessing.


Commit yourself to expanding His Presence in the world.


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