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Morning Blessings: Nefesh Shimshon

The 12th of Nisan is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Shimshon Dovid Pincus (1944-2001). Born to Rav Chaim Avraham and Chava Leah Pincus in the United States, he learned at Brisk in Yerushalayim. He married Chaya Mindel, daughter of Rav Mordechai Man, Rosh Yeshiva of Kenesses Chizkiyahu, and continued his studies in Bnei Brak. Then, in 1981, upon the request of the Steipler Gaon and Rav Shach, he moved into the Negev to start up the community at Ofakim.


“From my flesh I can see the Lord (Job 19:26).” A person must think God all the time, and to pray to Him at every moment. It is in our nature that every time we hear that something happened to someone else, such as someone had a heart attack; we reach for our hearts; when we hear it that something happened to someone’s brain, we reach for our heads. We are immediately fearful! The natural reaction of a person when he hears that something bad happens to someone Alice is to begin to worry that the same thing can happen to him; he becomes aware that a person’s physical nature may fail him at any moment! Because a human being is created lacking, when he sees how the lacking of someone else, even a physical lacking can have disastrous effects, he immediately begins to check himself to be sure that he is not lacking in the same way. Therefore we must pray to God at every moment for our health.

Therefore, the blessing of Asher Yatzar, is considered a powerful tool to pray for one’s health. It is written in the book Seder HaYom that one who is careful in reciting this blessing with deep concentration and awareness, “will never be sick all the days of his life, and will never need a doctor to heal him.” This means that if a person uses this blessing to acknowledge that all the good and the Congress that is in creation is an expression of God’s mighty kindness, he will open in himself a powerful spring of Divine Abundance which will grant him physical and spiritual health.

God is revealed in this world through His mighty kindnesses. The purpose of these kindnesses is that we should recognize Him, and the form of the recognition is through blessings. Each form of kindness demands a different form of recognition and acknowledgment. All the blessings and prayers are means to acknowledge and express our gratitude for these kindnesses.

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