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Bible-Personalities-Naomi & Ruth

According to Targum Yonatan ben Uziel, the 14th of Nisan is the anniversary of Naomi and Ruth arriving in Beit-Lechem (Ruth 1:22):  Ruth: (3:3) you’ll see it only in the Hebrew, not the English.  Naomi says, “You will wash, and anoint yourself in oil and perfume, and put your clothes on and v’yaraditi (reading the word without the vowels) I (Naomi) will go down to the goren, and I (Naomi) will go and lie down at his feet.”  That’s what the Hebrew spells.  But we don’t read it that way.  But why does the scroll write it one way, and we read it another?


Because who was Ruth when she went down to Boaz? – Naomi!  Who nurses the baby? – Naomi.  What does everyone say? – Naomi had a baby! It’s so much her baby that she begins to lactate.  That’s Malchut she’be Chesed.  And that’s why Ruth is the mother of Machut, the mother of David.

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